Asha Ismail, invited to the conference ‘Walk Together to Fight Inequality’

Asha Ismail, founder and President of Save a Girl Save a Generation, was invited this past Saturday, June 1st, to participate in the Gender and Cultures study group of Walk Together to Fight Inequality.

Asha Ismail will present the work that the organization Save a Girl Save a Generation has been carrying out, such as the campaigns which raise awareness on the drama of female genital mutilation and its terrible consequences. In addition, she will explain the projects that Save a Girl Save a Generation is preparing in the future and will talk about the workshops that have already been conducted with immigrant populations -mainly African women, where female genital mutilation is very widespread.

The event will take place this Saturday, June 1st, at 11:00 La Bóveda located on San Felipe Neri Street, 4 (Ópera metro station).

Save a Girl Save a Generation fights against female genital mutilation, child exploitation, forced marriages, and against any form of mistreatment of women. It is formed and run by women who have been denied the right to speak and defend their rights since they were young girls. Therefore, they felt the need to protect other women in similar circumstances so that they could prevent others from becoming victims of the same abuses. She has been working anonymously for 20 years to inform people of the reality that millions of girls in the world must face. Asha has been carrying out projects in Spain and Africa for over one year.

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