The PIVOT project, supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, aims to strengthen the role of youth in the democratic processes of the European Union (EU), highlighting the significance of active and informed participation in promoting gender equality.

Running from November 2023 to October 2025, the project involves various European organizations such as CESIE (Italy), People in Focus (Albania), and Save a Girl Save a Generation (Spain), under the leadership of Femmes Entraide & Autonomie (France).

PIVOT enhances understanding and fosters critical thinking on values, as well as a deeper knowledge of EU procedures, to develop dialogues on key issues and raise awareness about their critical impact on social change promotion. It aims to actively engage young people in policy evaluation and dialogue with political actors, to nurture a culture of informed and critical participation.

An evaluation tool, along with a guide developed with contributions from young people and political actors, will be created to promote conscious and effective use in European, national, or local elections.

The strategies and tools developed will be replicable and applicable in other contexts within the EU, allowing the project’s impact to extend beyond national borders.

Objectives and Activities

How can young people contribute to the creation and implementation of policies aimed at combating gender violence in Europe, especially in implementing the Istanbul Convention, to ensure EU member states meet their standards and commitments?

Through critical thinking, young people can identify and demand changes in policies concerning them by deliberating on issues like sexual education or mental health that focus on individuals, especially on matters of gender violence and discrimination. We aim to enhance their knowledge about the workings of European institutions and democracy, the impact of migration policies, and climate change measures, encouraging reflection on how everything is interconnected. Over two years, we will work to awaken awareness and participation, thus increasing young people’s consciousness and understanding towards a cultural shift to more fair and equitable practices.

Through PIVOT, spaces for dialogue and action are created where young people can interact directly with politicians, co-creating assessment tools that reflect their socio-political concerns and aspirations.

Expected Impact

Our goal is to equip around 60 young people (in the EU countries where the project operates) with the necessary tools to critically analyze political programs. Increase active participation in political debates, contributing to the formation of a more informed and aware generation capable of effecting positive changes in society.