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We work to contribute to a world where women and girls are free from female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and any other forms of gender violence and whereby girls and women have the power to be agents of change and contribute to education, health, and leadership in their communities.

We want to eradicate harmful traditions and other forms of violence against women and girls by accelerating positive change.

We work to provide knowledge, good practices, models and support networks to help female genital mutilation activists and organizations working with communities to achieve this change.


Save a Girl Save a Generation works on the following principles:

1. Respecting and promoting human rights and gender equality.
2. Actively participating with those responsible for making decisions and organizing activities.
3. Providing ownership by members (both individuals and organizations).
4. Acting with accountability, integrity, responsibility, transparency, and professionalism.
5. Working solidarily and with respect along with other organizations and their allies.
6. Providing tools to create a leadership network for African women.
7. Continuously training others and adapting to changes in order to improve our work strategy.
8. Using and promoting non-stigmatizing languages.