The Welcome, Training and Intercultural Relations Program, which is jointly managed by Save a Girl Save a Generation y Acción en Red, pays special attention to women who have fled from situations of violence to offer them an environment of trust and security that allows them to be heard and speak with freedom, acquire new knowledge and prepare to undertake their new life in this society with autonomy and determination to rebuild their lives.

The great cultural diversity and situations among women require the application of an intercultural and gender approach in the General Program and its activities.


This Program is preferably aimed at people from the African continent in a situation of refuge or seeking better opportunities. Its objective is to contribute to our mutual social integration in an intercultural coexistence that enriches all people; and defend the right of new neighbors to reside, work and establish themselves as citizens.

We intend to know their cultures and traditions, and inform them of ours – within the existing great diversity – and, together, be able to reject all those that are harmful, as well as defend the rights of equality and freedom for all.


    • Spanish classes for foreigners.
    • English language classes.
    • Computer science as a tool for the search of courses, employment, housing, medical and administrative appointments.
    • Logopedia
    • Sexual education and reproductive rights.
    • Prevention of STD. Prevention of FGM.
    • Knowledge of social environment, habits and social skills.
  • Knowledge of the norms and laws on rights and obligations; work; living place; social services; nationalization, etc.
  • Listening space between women.
  • Training courses: Professional makeup. Drawing: Create, draw, express.
  • Cultural and leisure activities.
  • Accompaniments: Administration; doctor, etc …


Previous appointment arranged by telephone for a personal interview to help determine the training priorities of the applicant.


The students must commit to signing the letter of established norms and conditions aimed at guaranteeing a good relationship and teaching, in order to participate in the Program.


The classes and courses are taught on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm; and Sundays in the morning.

The feminist space opens on Saturday mornings.


Acción en Red / Save a Girl Save a Generation
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