Artistic and cultured women join Save a Girl Save a Generation in their ‘Safe in Nairobi’ project for girls at risk

Maggie Civantos collaborates with Save a Girl Save a Generation and sponsors the project ‘Safe in Nairobi’ for the creation of a foster home for girls at risk in Nairobi.
‘Libres’ is the solidarity exhibition for which women of culture such as Aura Garrido, Marisa Paredes, Marta Hazas, Lydia Bosch, Soraya and Bely Basarte have been photographed naked with their mothers or daughters in order to raise funds for the project.
During the five weeks of the exhibition, the Modus Operandi gallery will also host concerts, micro theatre and talks about the freedom of women.

The actress Maggie Civantos sponsors the project ‘Safe in Nairobi’ promoted by the organization Save a Girl Save a Generation in order to raise funds and create a shelter for girls at risk in Kenya. Asha Ismail, the founder of this organization, works to achieve a world where women and girls are free from female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and all forms of gender violence.

With this purpose in mind, the photo exhibit ‘Libres’ was born. Actresses Aura Garrido, Marisa Paredes, Marta Hazas, Lydia Bosch, Cecilia Freire, singers Soraya and Bely Basarte, as well as the journalist Desiree Ndjambo are just some of the women who have joined the project and have posed nude with their mothers or daughters to celebrate femininity, naturalness and, above all, the freedom of women.

Freedom is our goal and our objective. Hayat is free today thanks to her mother, Asha, who decided not to mutilate her daughter and put an end to this terrible tradition that unfortunately continues to be practiced around the world today. When the actress Maggie Civantos, met Asha and heard about the NGO, Save a Girl Save a Generation, she felt a calling and the need to help. “I was touched and felt a strong urge to contribute my strength to this project. I felt it was the moment and a calling and that fighting for this cause would help me contribute to a slightly better world”. This culminated in the ambitious project to build a shelter for girls who are at risk.

Sergio Lardiez, the photographer, states “in a time when women are represented as ambassadors of beauty and perfection, I thought it was important to remember that there is a different beauty, more real and authentic, not manipulated by advertising or anything else.” Therefore, Sergio decided to portray the beauty and freedom of these women without filters or touching up the photographs, showing the natural beauty of all of them without the need for Photoshop.

The Modus Operandi gallery hosts this exhibit from September 14 to October 23, which will then travel around the country. On top of the exhibit, a multitude of cultural activities will take place (concerts, micro theatres, talks, etc) making each visit a unique experience that fights for women’s freedom over their own bodies.

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