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We conducted training workshops aimed at professionals of the National Health System with different specialities (family, paediatrics, gynaecology, midwives, psychology, nursing, social work) who wished to be trained in intercultural and gender perspectives. These training sessions were set up to adequately address how they would intervene with populations from countries with different cultural traditions..


  • Providing social tools for health personnel who have a direct contact with people of African origin in order to facilitate communication within their profession.
  • Understanding and applying the intercultural and gender approach in professional interventions, whereby professionals know how to respectfully treat people with cultural traditions different from those of the host country.
  • Raising awareness of what female genital mutilation (FGM) is and other traditional practices that harm the physical and mental health of girls and their rights for equality and freedom, as well as providing tools to help prevent such practices.
  • Building social relationships based on trust among populations of diverse ethno-cultural origins that facilitate mutual social integration and aims to give the autonomy of women.