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Awareness is one of our main missions. A great deal of our work in Spain and abroad is focused on raising awareness and informing and training professional sectors that have direct contact with this population. These professionals work as health personnel, social workers, educators, national police, teachers, young people and judges, among many other groups. We dedicate a lot of our time participating in different conferences, talks, and workshops. We have been invited to speak at universities, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. Moreover, we are always available to speak to the media so that our demands can be known to the general public. During these last months, we have attended educational institutions such as the Rey Juan Carlos University and the Complutense University, as well as having participated at different events held by organizations such as UNHCR, Casa Africa, and Amnesty International, among many others. Asha Ismail, founder of Save a Girl Save a Generation, has also recently appeared on the Equality Commission of the Spanish Parliament and has visited the European Network against Female Genital Mutilation in Brussels, an institution in which Save a Girl Save Generation in now a part, along with other organizations from 20 different countries.