At Save a Girl Save a Generation, we firmly believe that communities practicing female genital mutilation (FGM) possess the key to ending this harmful practice. This is why, through our program ‘Kueleka Mabadiliko – Moving Towards Change,‘ we focus on informing and raising awareness among the women who are part of this tradition.

Women will likely reject FGM if they have accurate information about its harmful effects. They’ll decide not to subject their daughters to this practice; over time, it will fade away in future generations.

Program Goals

  1. Our primary goal is to break the silence surrounding FGM. We want to inform women about the severe consequences of this practice.
  2. Here are the specific objectives of our program:
  • Creating support groups for women.
  • Establishing safe spaces for open conversations about their concerns.
  • Informing about female genital mutilation, including its types, consequences, myths, and misconceptions.
  • Providing women with knowledge and resources about topics that affect them, like health, hygiene, and legal matters.
  • Facilitating women’s comprehension of their rights and guaranteeing their voices are acknowledged in their communities and families.
  • Encouraging the abandonment of female genital mutilation, securing commitments from women not to subject their daughters or relatives to it, thus breaking the cycle and protecting the next generation.

Besides meeting the objectives, these sessions allow us to hear from the affected communities of FGM. This helps us better understand their perspectives, fears, motivations, concerns, and experiences as women in their communities. This insight is valuable in creating programs that address their needs and lead to abandoning the harmful practice.

Our Methodology

In our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the participants, we adapt our program, ‘Kueleka Mabadiliko – Moving Towards Change.’ Sessions are conducted in their native languages, and visual aids are thoughtfully integrated to enhance understanding.

The program consists of 10 comprehensive training sessions covering various critical topics. These topics include:

  1. Female Genital Mutilation (its types, origins, consequences, and geographical prevalence).
  2. Gender-based violence.
    Sexual violence.
  3. Sexual and reproductive health (including family planning and HIV).
  4. Hygiene.
  5. Menstrual hygiene.
  6. Nutrition.
  7. Mental health.
  8. Legal matters related to their refugee status.


In our collaborative efforts, we work alongside other organizations, such as MSF and Hessed, who contribute their expertise to lead some of these sessions.

In the year 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by successfully forming the first two groups comprising 37 refugee women residing in Eastleigh. Their graduation ceremony took place in August and was marked by heartfelt participation from other organizations and local authorities.

You can read the full report here