It is important for society to become aware of female genital mutilation (FGM) and its physical and psychological consequences. We are excited to announce that we have developed an educational guide for the Canarian Institute for Equality (ICI) that addresses FGM from a gender perspective and can be of great use to teachers and individuals who provide training in associations or organizations.

The guide is divided into seven sections and explains what FGM is, its implications for health, who is at risk, why and where it is practiced, survivors’ testimonies, and a glossary of terms. The guide also includes practical sections to work with students, facilitating their understanding and integration of each topic.

It is important to note that FGM involves any procedure that partially or completely removes female external genitalia or other injuries for non-medical reasons. Its practice has serious consequences for the sexual and reproductive health of girls and women, in addition to pain, shock, fever, and bleeding.

Therefore, it is essential for society to become aware of this practice and join the fight against it. The guide we have developed for the ICI is a great resource as it provides relevant and updated information on the topic and practical tools to address FGM in the classroom or training settings.

Finally, we want to thank the director of the Canarian Institute for Equality, Kika Fumero, and her team for their commitment and work in raising awareness about FGM. We also want to thank Sara Fratini for her talent in creating the illustrations and all the members of our team who contributed to its execution.

In conclusion, knowledge and awareness are essential to eradicate FGM. Download our educational guide and help us spread the word about this important cause