Gender-based violence, as defined by the United Nations, is “any act of violence rooted in gender that may result in physical, sexual, or psychological harm, including threats, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether it occurs in public or private life.” It has been and continues to be one of the most evident expressions of inequality, subordination, and the power dynamics of men over women. In other words, women experience violence simply because they are women.

It is one of the most common and socially accepted forms of human rights violations, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, or religion. Kenya is no exception. UN Women estimates that 40.7% of Kenyan women experience some form of physical or sexual violence, and national statistics do not even account for psychological or emotional violence.

Our proposal:

Safe in Nairobi is a temporary shelter for women who are survivors of physical, sexual, and/or psychological gender-based violence and need to escape their immediate environment to find a safe refuge.


  1. Provide a safe space.
  2. Ensure basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, etc.).
  3. Provide psychological support.
  4. Offer medical care.
  5. Provide workshops and activities to help them in their future (sewing, crafts, cooking, entrepreneurship, etc.).
  6. Referral to other resources: vocational training, empowerment, financial support upon leaving other organizations, etc.
  7. Start a new life free from violence.

Safe in Nairobi provides the space and time for these women to recover from the trauma of the violence they have experienced. For this purpose, they are supported by two social workers who alternately live with them in the house, as well as a social worker who assists in planning and starting a new life.

During their stay in the house, the women engage in various activities to improve their self-esteem, work on their mental health to overcome trauma and promote economic independence and entrepreneurship. They also receive talks and workshops on gender-based violence, menstrual hygiene, family planning, and positive parenting, among others.

Thanks to Safe in Nairobi, many women will have the opportunity to break free from violence and start a new life. At Save a Girl Save a Generation, we want to support them on this journey and continue to grow and work to provide all possible resources to mitigate the harm caused by gender-based violence.

Together, we can make it happen and sow the seeds of change

Garden house Safe in Nairobi