Safe in Nairobi’ is a temporary shelter for women survivors of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and/or Forced Marriages who are also in a situation of gender-based violence in the domestic sphere and need to flee their environment immediately.


  • Provide safe shelter to women in a situation of danger due to gender-based violence.
  • Create a safe space to talk about the problem of FGM and FM without prejudice, providing the knowledge in our hands, allowing the opportunity to heal, resolve doubts, uncover taboos and break myths in relation to this practice.

It is not just a shelter for women survivors of gender-based violence. It is also a space where you can raise awareness about FGM and FM to break the circle of violence between generations.

One of the reasons why this practice persists is because it is practically forbidden to talk about it within the practicing communities. We believe that thanks to knowledge, listening, education and empowerment, we can give tools to these women who pass through the house so that they become agents of change in their immediate circles.

Thanks to ‘Safe in Nairobi’, many women will have the opportunity to leave the violence and start a new life, and will have the ability to decide whether they want to continue this tradition or not. If the survivors themselves decide to stop this practice with their daughters, sisters, nieces, friends and relatives, they will be saving future generations.

Our organizations intends to support them in their journey, and work to offer all possible resources to mitigate the damage caused by gender-based violence.