It is good for us to maintain a daily routine at home. Keeping busy will not leave room in our minds for the anxiety that can result from isolation and the concern about the news and the negative effects of the pandemic.


* Planning the menus for one or two weeks to reduce displacement.
* Eating FRUITS, VEGETABLES, legumes, whole grains, lean meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit), fish, eggs and dairy products.
* Avoiding processed foods, soda and sugary drinks. Drink lots of water. Staying in good health prevents the spread of the virus.
* Keeping active every day, to improve physical condition, and to contribute to emotional well-being.

Leisure time

* with reading
* with music
* with games
* with TV shows and movies

Physical exercise

* Differentiate between physical activity (daily tasks) and physical exercise (that must be scheduled)
* Plan a daily routine
* If you already have an entertainment plan, try to reconcile it at home and if not, it’s a good time to start.

Sleeping well and the required amount of hours, maintaining our usual schedules, will provide us with well-being and emotional stability.