Today we want to share good news. We are pleased to announce that our dear Ann (a fictitious name for privacy reasons) will be leaving the Safe House this weekend after almost one year with us.

One of the survivors making bracelets

Ann arrived at Safe in Nairobi in July 2023. Without delving into the details of the horrible episode she endured, but to help you understand the gravity of her case, Ann suffered such severe sexual violence that she had to undergo several surgeries and live for months with assistance for her most basic needs.

Ann comes from a remote, rural area, more than a day’s drive from Nairobi. The treatment she needed after that horrible episode was not available in her village, and after long and tedious trips to the capital due to infections, she needed a place to stay in Nairobi to undergo all the treatment and subsequently a surgery. But Ann had no resources or help to live in Nairobi, and that’s how she came to us.

Ann has been able to live at Safe in Nairobi for as long as she needed to heal, both physically and mentally. During these months with us, she has had access to constant medical attention, numerous physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions, and regular sessions with a psychologist. After months of treatment and waiting, she finally underwent a successful final surgery in March. At that moment, we thought her departure was imminent, and she was excited to reunite with her children after so many months. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to receive treatment and postpone her journey.

Today, Ann has been finally discharged and is eager to reunite with her family. During her time with us, besides recovering, Ann has participated in our cooking and sewing workshops, through our workshops and has taken classes to learn to read and write. She has proven to be a brilliant, intelligent, and motivated student, learning at an astonishing pace. If Ann had had the opportunity to attend school, her life would have been very different. Despite this, she has always shown a positive attitude, caring for everyone living with her in the house, including other women and their children. Always willing to cook, wash, and help with whatever is needed, and always with her beads in her hands, making beautiful bracelets and key holders. The very same key holders with the Save logo that we sell at events, made with all the love and design by Ann.

Ann is now ready to reunite with her children, whom she misses terribly. One of our colleagues will accompany her on this long journey to ensure she arrives safely and meets her family, where she can resume her life.

She is one of the many women who have passed through Safe in Nairobi, and thanks to all your help, has found a place to heal, recover, and start a new life. We don’t have enough words to explain what every contribution from those who support our work means, so that more women can have the opportunity to start a new life away from violence. On behalf of Ann and all the others, thank you.

One of the survivors making bracelets

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