March 8 symbolizes International Women’s Day where the words equality and equity take center stage. There is much work to be done, but there is hope if we continue to educate in feminism in all areas of our daily lives, understanding feminism as the principle of equal rights for women and men.

To this end, Save a Girl Save a Generation works constantly to end female genital mutilation, forced marriages and all types of violence against women.

Around 200 million girls and women have been mutilated.  In Kenya, where we also work, the penalties for carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) are strict, but the practice is still far from being eradicated. It has been more than a decade since the law banning mutilation came into force, which states that if someone dies while undergoing FGM, the perpetrator will be sentenced to life imprisonment and that any act related to mutilation will result in more than 3 years in prison and more than Ksh.200,000 ($1,761) in fines. Because of the confinement, closures and the pandemic, steps have been taken back. The fact that most of the time it is practiced in homes makes it difficult to follow up.  That is why awareness and visibility work is so important.

In order to put an end to FGM, it is essential to work hand in hand with the women of the family themselves, who are essential agents in preventing this practice from continuing.

We share some data reported in Kenya in the last two years.

Source: Anti Female Genital Mutilation Board of Kenya:


Jun – Nov 2020

Dec 2020 – May 2021

June to Nov 2021

No. of FMG reported cases




No.  rescued girls from FMG




No. of FGM perpetrators arrested




No. of open FGM cases




No. de niñas que han sufrido ritos alternativos similares a la MGF