Different worlds, same victims

On November 24th, Save a Girl Save a Generation is organizing ‘Different worlds, Same victims’, a meeting with several experts to discuss the violence suffered by women both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Save a Girl Save a Generation, which for years has fought against female genital mutilation and against all types of violence against girls and women, will conduct the meeting with a panel of experts who will present the problem of violence that many women are subject to in Spain and in the rest of the world. “They may come from different cultures, and apparently from different worlds, but at the base, the victim is always the same: a woman,” says Asha Ismail, founder, and Director of Save a Girl Save a Generation.

The round table will be called ‘Different worlds, Same victims’, and will involve members of organizations that actively fight against gender violence, as well as specialized psychologists in the field. Moreover, the experts who will participate will describe the drama women must go through from a Western perspective, as well as from the perspective of other cultures, primarily Muslim ones, where the role of women is a continuous focus of debate and controversy.

The meeting is open to the public and to the media and will be held for just one day before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.[To participate as a listener, please see the information below.]

Date: Saturday, November 24, 11:30 am.

Place: Assembly Hall of the Julián Besteiro School (Calle Azcona 53, Madrid).


Asha Ismail, founder, and Director of Save a Girl Save a Generation.

Carolina Suárez, responsible for the Education Program of the Women’s Institute.

Mario Puime, lawyer, criminologist, legal expert, an expert in crimes against sexual freedom and accountability (indemnity doesn’t seem right but I don’t know what the original was in Spanish to check, I think it’s accountability), an expert in gender violence and member of Médicos del Mundo.

Verónica Barroso, from the Refugee Team of Amnesty International in Madrid.

Miriam Cejudo, a psychologist specialized in Gender Violence for the Federation of Progressive Women.

José María Fernández, psychologist, an expert in education and prevention of gender violence, collaborator with CUPIF (With One Foot Forward), member of the Spanish Society for the Investigation of Criminological Profiles (SEIPC) and the National Police, performing functions in the Service of Care for Women

Matilde Camacho López, a clinical psychologist, an expert on gender violence, as well as a collaborator with the women’s program of CUPIF.

Mª Socorro Gómez Fidalgo, a clinical psychologist with a Master’s in psychoanalytic theory, coordinator of Programs for Gender Violence and Family Violence in CUPIF.

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